Audio-friends of American literature: listen how

Famous American Authors Read their Own Poetry and Prose

Lawrence Ferlinghetti:
Thoughts to a Concerto of Telemann

Allen Ginsberg:
Uptown, New York

Anne Sexton:
The Truth the Dead Know

Sylvia Plath:

Ezra Pound:
Canto # 3

William Carlos Williams:
Portrait of a Woman in Bed

E. E. Cummings:
crazy jay blue

Langston Hughes:

Elizabeth Bishop:
Visits to St. Elizabethís

I took this literary idea from the German weekly Die Zeit, where the actual sound files are stored.
Please visit there for more or order the CDs.

And hereís a German author reading his works, Georg Britting ...

See my tech tip on How to Make Sound Files "Stream".
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